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An Artistic Interpretation Of Islamic Calligraphy Husin Hourmain is one of the rare Malaysian Contemporary Islamic Calligraphy artist. He has spent 3 prolific years to create a monumental series known as Awal Hurouf Asal Hurouf that consists of 30 Jawi alphabets. It is the first time a Malaysian artist creates his very own unique identity … Continue reading



DECLARE YOUR LOVE WITH MOËT ROSÉ IMPÉRIAL THIS VALENTINE’S DAY The perfect medium to declare your love this Valentine’s Day 2013, Moët & Chandon brings you the Moët Rosé Impérial “Declare Your Love” limited edition bottle. Romantic expression meets champagne chic in this premium offer! Declare your love with Moët Rosé Impérial, the most extrovert … Continue reading

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WHEN NOSFERATU MEETS WUTHERING HEIGHTS, THE RESULTS CAN BE TRULY ABOMINABLE The Twilight Saga is a four book series written by bored housewife Stephenie Mayer based on a wet dream. The books, imaginatively titled Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn- chronicle the stirring love story of listless Bella Swan and lifeless Edward Cullen, with … Continue reading

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Global hub for the analyses of trending videos

VV Chart provides users with real-time analyses and updates on the status and performance of trending videos across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Google +, YouTube and Twitter. VV Chart takes advantage of a quantitative algorithm to combine “likes,” “views,” “retweets,” and “shares” from various social media platforms to determine the popularity of … Continue reading



SUGARY SURPRISES AT BABYCAKES SWEET SHOPPE Sporting attractive appearances and prepared in a vast selection of delicious flavors, macarons may just make it as the next ‘it’ thing. Being a delicate dessert that’s difficult to make and easy to ruin, it can only take an elite breed of macaron makers to daringly try their hands … Continue reading



DISTILLING CREATIVITY TO FUEL A GLOBAL CREATIVE MOVEMENT In collaboration with a new generation of artists, ABSOLUT VODKA recently introduced ABSOLUT BLANK, a global creative movement, in which ABSOLUT appears as a catalyst for contemporary leading-edge creativity. ABSOLUT now announces the ABSOLUT VODKA BLANK EDITION, designed by German artist Mario Wagner. The limited edition bottle … Continue reading