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Hottest trending videos on the web!

Hottest trending videos on the web!

Is the popularity of a viral video measured by its
a) ‘Likes’
b) ‘Views’
c) ‘Retweets’
d) or ‘Shares’?
The answer is “All of the above and more.” At VV Chart, we believe that the true value and performance of a viral video is best measured by taking all forms of exposure and feedback that it has received across all major social media platforms.
About VV Chart
VV Chart is the global hub for the analyses of trending videos. Our specialized algorithm identifies trending videos, performs a comprehensive cross-platform popularity analysis on each video, and presents the results in a useful and easily understandable format.
VV Chart provides you with real-time analyses and updates on the status and performance of trending videos across various social media platforms (eg. Facebook, Google +, YouTube, etc.). Our growing database of over 100,000 trending videos is also completely FREE of charge to use.



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