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From the juvenile act of writing one’s name in the snow with pee, to the convenience of being able to pee just anywhere without having to squat or sit, there are certain liberties that come with having male genitalia that women simply couldn’t ‘enjoy’… until now.

With a tagline like “Don’t take life sitting down.”, you can bet your eager bladder that the GoGirl is a ticket out of situations where one needs to squat or sit down to pee in disgusting, distant, or non-existent toilets.

The idea of having dirty water, germs, or even uninvited creatures come into contact with your lady parts, is never a comforting thought, but this is a major concern for women all around the world. Without any aid, there is really no practical way for a woman to pee standing without creating a mess, and this is where GoGirl comes to save the day.

GoGirl is basically a female urination device, or FUD, that allows ladies to pee standing up. It is used by holding it up against the body to form a sealed passage that will safely channel pee out at wherever it is aimed.

The FUD isn’t a new invention, but the GoGirl seems to be the most hygienic one in the market. It is made with flexible, medical grade silicone, which can either be disposed after use or carefully cleaned for reuse. GoGirl even boasts its patented splash guard which they claim can eliminate messing or splashing. The flexible material makes it easy to fit into a purse, pocket, or glove compartment.

This device has been used by European women for years. And while we can see how it may take time for some women to get used to the idea, there will surely be more than one time and place where one would be able to pee standing. Men should even consider keeping one handy, for you will never know when you and your female companion could save yourselves a whole lot of trouble trying to look for a suitable site for her to take a number one.


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