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You should have heard of the fast-expanding international social media hub that is Moxian. Many platforms have reserved an inseparable place in our daily lives, yet none have brought every important social media and online service under one roof as successfully as Moxian has.

Take large platforms like Facebook for example – it’s merely a social networking platform, but it has created immense value. Shopping networks and cross-industry alliances are popular with investors, and can easily create their own value.

But, unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, Weibo, and QQ, Moxian remains relevant and continues to engage its users even when they are offline. With Moxian, even more elements and functions are being integrated, especially in connecting consumers with businesses.

These are just some of many examples, and Moxian never fails to impress, because their aggressive push against the envelope keeps them at the forefront of innovation. For example, Moxian ingeniously integrates itself into the lives of its users by allowing businesses to award clients and consumers with Mo-Points, Moxian’s very own digital credit system which can be redeemed on Moxian and used to elevate their experiences in anything from games to products and services.

The fans and users of Moxian. Upon registration, one can use Moxian messages (Moxian’s microblogging messaging platform) to communicate and stay up to date with their friends’ activities, while quickly building up their social circle.

A free chatting service that features a rich combination of communication methods from live text messaging to voice messaging. Banner advertising opportunities are available in this segment.

Moxian has integrated many applications within its mobile phone application to provide users with everything that they can possibly need, catering to everything from lifestyle, sports, travel, entertainment, videos and much more.

With Cloud services being a constantly growing part of our everyday lives, Moxian has made it a point to provide a cutting-edge Cloud system of its own called MO-Cloud. Through MO-Cloud, users can trace all the information that has been shared on Moxian.

Intriguing and addictive games that Moxian friends can play and earn points with (MO-Points). Banner advertising opportunities are available in this segment.

The Moxian points system that awards royalty reward points (MO-Points) to MO-Pals. These points can be obtained with or without spending real money. MO-Pals need only to shop at affiliated Moxian Merchants’ outlets that are online or offline to receive free points, or earn them by playing games. MO-Points can be used for playing online games and taking part in Mo-Bid, where they can be used to bid for high-value items that range from everyday products to real estate.

MO-Bid is an auction platform where users can bid for high-value commodities while standing a chance to receive prizes and gifts. MO-Bid features an array of intriguing bidding methods to keep things interesting and product specific, so that sellers can tailor-make their sales strategies with even more options than ever before. MO-Bid is a great platform for Social CRM Services, and also provides opportunities for banner advertising, web links, free pinning, and other benefits for businesses that use it.

MO-Promo is a Merchants Program that is specially made to provide individuals and businesses (merchants) to collaborate with Moxian in order to enhance its status through the purchasing of MO-Points or by becoming a valued sponsor.

This way, they create a new marketing model that provides for an extremely cost-efficient means of promoting their products, which will ultimately attract MO-Pals to spend more. When Moxian friends make purchases at a physical or digital retail outlet of an affiliated Moxian business, the MO-Promo will offer discounts to MO-Pals in the form of MO-Points.

MO-Promo is also a great platform for Social CRM Services, and also provides opportunities for banner advertising. Each merchant will also get support in the form of MO-Points, an online Merchant page, and e-vouchers.

The MO-Promo Package currently being offered:
• MO-Promo domain
• Merchant page
• Unlimited product upload
• Web page basic design
• Email marketing system
• S marketing system
• SMS system
• Online Advertisement
• 300 MO-Points card (10 points)
• Moxian door sticker

This is the second part of Moxian which serves as a centralized page that displays all information such as pictures, messages from Moxian users, and much more. Aside from updates from friends, users will also be able to find friends with common interests, as well as various news and information updates. With MO-Zone, MO-Promo partners can benefit from the ability to place strategically targeted advertisements at MO-Zone for free of charge.

In these volatile times, it is essential that both established and budding businesses obtain and utilize highly accurate, comprehensive, and timely data collection methods. With Moxian, businesses and individuals are able to identify problems and find solutions to minimize risk and boost overall growth effectively and efficiently.
With Moxian, you will be able to get complete customer reports that tells you the age and gender of your visitors and customers, comments and shares, and other important data. Through the Social – CRM Service, you will also be able to get support in the form of useful vehicles such as SMS broadcast, email marketing, and online marketing.

The virtual city consisting of affiliated Moxian merchants’ outlets on the Moxian platform. These virtual shops are linked to a physical retail outlet affiliated with Moxian. Mo-Pals only need to click on the related links to purchase goods at discounted prices.

Ultimately, most traditional advertising platforms such as print and broadcast cannot rival a well-executed digital marketing campaign. For starters, Neilsen statistics are already showing that consumers are more heavily influenced in their decision making process by friends, families, and other consumers than the message in advertisements. On top of that, traditional advertising platforms are far behind digital marketing hubs such as Moxian, not just in terms of reach and cost, but also in terms of data collection.

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