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Dec 21 2012 was a momentous date on camel active’s calendar, because it was the day that the first camel active store in Malaysia opened with the new “Roadside” shopfitting concept.

Located in the Alamanda Putrajaya, the new “Roadside” concept store breathes a fresh yet uncanny sense of life into the cold, ‘futuristic’ quarters of the mall. With rustic charm and adventurous appeal hammered into every inch of the 1143 sq ft store, customers are transported into the camel active campaign world the moment they step in. This is the second “Roadside Concept” to roll out in Asia, so it’s a rather exciting treat for consumers in Malaysia.

Once again, the familiar trailblazing trio who have been portraying the lifestyle brand’s image campaigns makes a prominent appearance. camel active has expressed its edge with the worldwide adventures for the past few years, presenting a bold and rugged zest that continues to inspire its original style.

From the American Airsteam trailer-inspired cash register module, to the surfing beach cabin themed changing rooms, the “Roadside” shopfitting concept is inspired by the materials and motifs found during the trio’s trips around the globe.

In this sense of shop décor, camel active even went to the extent of simulating the aesthetic feel of a bus stop in Mumbai at their footwear section, so customers can try shoes on while sitting on retro-style plastic seats under corrugated sheet metal roof.

“Materials with patina and structure convey a story. Haptics are very important for us. The impressions from foreign countries give the new shopfittings as well as the display window decorations authenticity. Those passing a camel active store such as the one in Putrajaya today will discover large-scale motifs from the current campaign. The travel theme is our absolute USP which we will be passionately pursuing in the future as well,” says camel active Head of Retail Mark Schäfer on the launch of the Roadside concept.

In Asia, the first Roadside concept store was launched in Bangkok’s newest shopping mall, Mega Bangna in July 2012. The Alamanda Putrajaya Store is the first “Roadside Concept” roll out in Malaysia and the second in Asia.

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