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As an urbanite looking for things to buy, services to enjoy, people to meet, and places to be, you are spoilt for choice. Your basic needs may be easy to satisfy, but no matter how much you think you know your turf, there is simply too many options to sift through before you get to something worth your while – this is where 360 Celsius Vicinity comes in.

At 360 Celsius Vicinity, we are passionate about uncovering some of the most noteworthy shops, restaurants, products, services, people, places, and activities to spend your precious time at money at. There is a lot that we’d like to share with you from our findings, but a very compact list to fit them in. Basically, we do the research for you, handpick the best, and squeeze the potent goodness and more into this neat lifestyle handbook. So make sure that you keep yourself updated with the latest copy of 360 Celsius Vicinity.


Once you’ve decided on spending some cash on advertising, you want every cent to count. With 360 Celsius Vicinity we make your money work very hard for you.
360 Celsius Vicinity @ Publika is a lifestyle brochure that provides a unique opportunity for you to reach out to your potential customers who work, live, and play in your area. Sending targeted messages to a select group of customers can increase your bottom line while building awareness and loyalty to your business as well as to build a prominent presence in your local community and raise your business profile.
To advertise with us or to find out more about us, email sales@360celsius.com or call +603 6203 0184


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