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Johnnie Walker paid tribute to its past with a commemorative seafaring journey retracing the steps of the Walker Family trade routes, launching a rare triple-malt on board the aptly named three-masted luxury yacht Voyager which was commissioned by John Walker & Sons especially for the occasion.


Apart from charting the future by journeying into the past, the Voyager was also the floating venue for a series of iconic events, bringing together the top movers, players and game changers in the Asia-Pacific region. Docking at the eight different ports scattered throughout the original oceanic trade route; from China through South East Asia and to India, the Voyager was the setting for events both varied and prestigious.

Voyager 3

Intimate soirees and gala dinners saw guests from the world of fashion and the arts mingle with entrepreneurs in the field of leisure travel and the distillery industry, all sharing a common pioneering spirit of innovation and determination.

The distinguished patrons were treated to a sumptuous feast of flavor as Chef Andre presented a set of delectable masterpieces embodying his singular signature Octaphilosophy – the Singapore based chefs’ own culinary philosophy that fuses eight specific elements into each delightful dish.

Tom Jones, the Global Brand Ambassador of John Walker & Sons then guided the guests on another journey. This time through a three-dimensional plateau of the senses as he mentored them through the Triptych tasting process where the three aspects of whisky-making were merged together with the three senses of nose, palate and finish. The experience was choreographed beautifully in specially curated rooms where images of the Walker family heritage, along with the Triptych session blended together to immerse the patrons in the totality of the Johnnie Walker Brand phenomenon.


Charting its course through the waters, the Voyager also hosted the launching of the John Walker & Sons Odyssey for the Asia Pacific. This stunningly rare triple malt blend celebrates the 80th anniversary of one of Sir Alexander Walker’s greatest accomplishments – a whisky decanter bottle which moved in motion with the waves of the sea. The malt is dark and golden toned and is perfectly complemented by the crystal glass decanter bottle in which it is contained.

“With Malaysia being instrumental in helping John Walker & Sons achieve the global reach it enjoys today, it was an honour to celebrate the local game changing individuals who share the same passion for progress and innovative spirit of the Walker family with a once-in-a-lifetime luxury experience,” enthused Mathieu Duchemin, Managing Director of Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia. “The Voyager has proven to be a pioneering platform for John Walker & Sons not only in celebrating inspiring individuals, but in amplifying awareness of our exclusive range of super deluxe whiskies,” he concluded.


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