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Jalatama Futures Corporation is a leading Futures Brokerage firm in Indonesia. Established in 2000, as part of the JALATAMA GROUP, it became one of the founders and shareholders of the Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) and is a member of The Indonesian Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (ICDX), as well as being governed by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA) and the Ministry of Trade Indonesia (MTI).


Jalatama is a well-linked and fully certified Brokerage that is highly competent in providing the full range of financial facilitation services, including investment options, clearing and advisory services, along with service delivery mandate on physical futures transactions, for both local and global markets. The firm also offers hedging transaction options, as well as comprehensive risk management. Special emphasis applied to the Commodity Futures Contracts, namely Loco London Commodities, Global Stock Indices, Options, et cetera.

Through its diverse service and operational hubs in multiple urban locations in several major cities globally (including Kuala Lumpur), it has encouraged growth by increasing transaction volumes in the thousands on a monthly, as well as yearly, basis for its International Exchange Houses. This has solidified the firm as one of the leading performing brokerage companies on the exchange-houses (JFX and ICDX), along with being the best performing in commodity trade sectors (physical and spot markets).
Jalatama Futures Corporation has not only consistently delivered high quality service and products for the benefit of its clients, but also contributed to the rapid development of Indonesia’s financial sector since its inception in 2000 to this present day.


Jalatama Management, Jalatama Futures Corporation’s service and operational hub, is currently listed as a company carrying out unlisted activities by Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) Consumer Watch List. It needs to be duly noted that there are two official lists issued from Bank Negara and the Financial Fraud list of Companies are the primary concern for Bank Negara; as per cases of firms that have been found in both lists that have proved detrimental to both clientele as well as the country’s financial sector’s image.

Jalatama Management was not in the Financial Fraud list from day one, as illustrated in Bank Negara’s co-operation in aiding the company’s appeal from their removal on the Consumer Watch List as well; as BNM’s official black-list is the Financial Fraud list of companies who have been found guilty of misappropriation of funds to illegally collecting deposits.

Unlike many of the brokerage firms on the BNM List, of which most closed down for misappropriation, lack of regulatory backing, et al, Jalatama publicly promotes the fact that it strictly abides to the necessary trading regulations, as well as continuing to maintain high levels of performance. One assurance that the company provides its clients with is that every client of Jalatama has their funds guaranteed by the governmental authorities of CoFTRA as well as The Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House (IDCH/PERSERO).

Furthermore, the company has already been operating in KL for over two years and has not been ordered to cease operations since the authorities have not found any impropriety with their business operations, from fund deposits to Jalatama Head Quarters (Jalatama Futures Corporation / JALATAMA GROUP) being authorised via the Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) and Clearing House (IDCH).

As stated, clients can be assured that their investments are guaranteed and secured via the Clearing House’s segregated accounts, via its Appointed Banks, which clearly separates the funds from the operations of the banks, brokerage and even the government.

Members of the public should always be aware of brokerage firms that charge or collect cash, guarantee profits or use a personal, or company, bank’s account for fund deposits or investment purposes. The futures market as a whole, is built on mutual trust and reliability, and Jalatama stresses that it is fully committed to upholding those standards here in Malaysia.



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