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Love ice cream but hate the lingering guilt that it serves your sorry ass with once you’ve hit tub bottom? Then the jolly soft-serve that the Yonanas suggestively squeezes out from its bottom is a fun and healthy alternative for your guilt-laden, train wreck of a conscience!


Probably named after bananas, the base ingredient that it uses for every recipe, the Yonanas is a counter-top kitchen appliance that turns fruits into frozen substances that look and taste like ice cream. Keep in mind that you may also be able to produce a similar substance with a regular blender, but you’d probably end up destroying your blender very quickly before you achieve anything that could come close to it.

The Yonanas is basically a combination between a juicer, blender, and ice cream maker. It features an entry chute where the frozen fruit and other ingredients can be inserted for processing, and an exit nozzle where the ‘ice cream’ is squeezed out from. Aside from frozen fruits, you can add chocolate or peanut butter to add flavor to your treat, or to completely mask the taste of a few earthworms that you may decide to throw in along with the fruits. The possibilities are plentiful!


It is so easy to operate that even your kids can make their own deserts with it, provided they have enough upper body strength to push the ingredients down into the blades of fruity death. All you need to do is drop pieces of frozen fruits of your choice into the chute, turn the device on, push it all in with the plunger, and ready your bowl for a creamy treat! Cleaning up is also easy, but best done by adults since the blades will have to be exposed for cleaning.

Yonanas Treats

The downsides are relatively minor though, but from what we know, one of them would be the noise that the Yonanas makes when it works. Of course, some patient experimentation and practice is required from your part before you can create the perfect blend for yourself, but that also means that you can tweak it to your liking.

To put the potential health benefits in all this, a two-banana serving from the Yonanas would probably give you less than half of the calories that you would get from the same amount of ice cream or frozen yogurt. Calories aside, you can also avoid the fat, stabilizers, and other additives.


To be honest with you, the Yonanas is not for those who dislike bananas in general, because a certain amount of bananas are required to produce the creamy delights seen in the images. Having said that, I am sure that you and the majority of our fellow primates will thoroughly enjoy what the Yonanas has to offer.



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