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The City of Melaka not so long ago, was always more famous as a tourist attraction. Today, Melaka is fast becoming a major metropolitan and developmental hotspot, attracting savvy property investors, as well young professionals and new families looking for affordable, modern places to work, play, and live. Scheduled for completion in the second half of 2013, Plaza MITC will play a key role in facilitating that shift.


Plaza MITC is at the forefront of this new pioneering urban development that is taking place in the state. Developed by Best Western International, the world’s largest hotel chain; this latest ultra-modern concept in urban commercial residence, is a hallmark of innovative style and exceptional quality that is testament to people-centric convenience and comfort.

Beautifully situated in the Melaka Administrative Region overlooking the highway, Plaza MITC is a lifestyle and business hub which encapsulates a brilliant synergy between work and living within the same space. Catering as both a residential center as well as a commercial platform for business enterprises, it offers a wide scope of accommodation choices for working professionals both single and with families.


The complex consists of three main buildings. Two of the buildings will be for commercial and accommodation purposes. Both to be divided into two blocks. The third will be a multi-story car park. To complement the Plaza, a Best Western Premier Hotel completes the setting. The apartment units utilize the unique Duplex designer business suites – ensuring their multipurpose function as both domestic quarters for domicile living as well chic office space where professionals can run their business.

The layout plan provides spaciousness and flexibility – ranging from 620sqft to 1060sqft – to suit any owner’s needs and requirements. The unit is a fine example of the highest standard in finishing. Stylish interior arrangements furnished with quality floor tiles, plaster ceilings and designer lights provide a professional ambience that; after a hard working day can naturally make the transition to easy leisure. In terms of facilities, Plaza MITC is up there with some of the best. Owners are allotted ample car park space with multi-story parking bays provided.


The commercial dimension of the Plaza incorporates the Jonker’s Street concept. This consists of a dual frontage that is a 20 feet high and 45 feet wide pedestrian internal walkway. The walkway offers shoppers and visitors maximum views of the shops, cafes and stores all around them. There’s even an imposing grand lobby to add aesthetic grandeur to the overall feel of the place.

Professionals and executives will be thrilled to note that all the necessary adaptations and facilities for the smooth operation of business and enterprise, are seamlessly integrated with the overall architectural framework. These include meeting rooms with reception, full Wi-Fi access and services, as well as Astro coverage is also available.


To enable relaxation and a chance for hardworking executives to unwind after a busy day, Plaza MITC is equipped with a gymnasium to work out that excess stress. While those looking for a more calming leisure approach can check out the sky garden for some fresh air while taking in the panoramic sight of the Ayer Keroh region.

Plaza MITC doesn’t just offer the tangible benefits of dual-role business suites and facilities for both commercial and residential purposes, but also savvy opportunities for owner investors as well. Developed to generate greater opportunity for increasing investment value due to its attractiveness as a multipurpose living business hub, owners and occupiers can easily anticipate being able to raise the value of their property via high capital appreciation through continued future occupancy along with utilization as a business premise.


The investors of Plaza MITC can also look forward to enjoying a high return on Investment (ROI) of over 7% annually, making it the one of the most viable real-estate investment vehicles on offer. This isn’t all. Even better, the high returns are augmented with incoming rental revenue. Potential tenants will be attracted by the incentives provided such as lease back arrangement and pool rental services.

Its strategic location also maximizes its investment value – being only five minutes away from the Ayer Keroh Toll and only nine minutes away from Melaka City center. Transportation links are excellent since not only does it straddle major road networks into town and elsewhere, but the Plaza is also within near proximity to the Melaka International Airport.


Some of the more impressive destinations nearby include the Melaka Zoo, the second largest zoo in Malaysia, and the Taman Rama-rama or Butterfly Park, for wildlife enthusiasts. There’s also the Melaka Wonderland Theme Park, a favorite with tourists and families alike.

Also in the vicinity is the Taman Mini Malaysia, Melaka’s very own cultural map village of the nation. Where visitors can view Malaysia’s cultural and design heritage in the form of thirteen different houses, each modeled on the architectural style of one of the thirteen states of Malaysia.

Once it is open for business, Plaza MITC will be an outstanding example of the fusion between business premise and workplace with living accommodation and leisure. While at the same time being a wonderful prospect for generating future returns for the canny investor. Standing tall over the horizon, this superb multiplex symbolizes the transformation of Melaka from a city of myth and legend, to a modern 21st century urban cosmopolitan center.



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