Unlike our forefathers who depended on the land to survive, today’s targets and deadlines are that of rat-racers; an uninspiring and claustrophobia-inducing routine that we call life. In their bid to celebrate the adventurous heritage of mankind, camel active made a dramatic entry in the Berlin Fashion Week earlier this year.
The Berlin Fashion Week was the scene of a momentous event on Tuesday Jan 15, 2013 as camel active held a massive fashion show on the longest catwalk in Berlin. It was all in celebration of the first-time unveiling of camel active’s newest and latest addition to their impressive clothing ensemble – the camel active womenswear collection, as well as the menswear collection alongside.

camel_active logo

The Rathenau-Hallen in East Berlin played the host to this extraordinary event. For the day, the ten thousand square meters of space was transformed into an evocative recreation of the wind-swept Mongolian plains. It is the world of the Mongolian eagle hunters, one of the last remaining peoples who still live adhere to the hunting ways of their ancestors. This devotion to legacy made them the perfect inspiration for the current “Tracing Heritage” collection for Autumn/Winter 2013/14.

An 80 meter long catwalk made from 1,450 meters of sand and interspersed with the traditional Mongolian yurts or tents was the centerpiece of this spectacular show. It opened with an eagle hunter releasing his pet raptor to swoop over the heads of the 700 expectant guests.

Staged illumination reflected a day on the plains from ‘daybreak’ to ‘last light’. The subtle lighting was reminiscent of being alone on the vastness of the steppes and the mood was further enhanced by the use of Mongolian sounds and eagle cries.


The sense of wide open spaces and sweeping vistas made an epic backdrop that was fully incorporated into this mammoth event. The show featured 90 models – 60 males for the current menswear collection and 30 females for the all new womenswear line. The models paraded in sporting jackets complemented by accessories in various natural hues, complementing the placid tones of the Mongolian backdrop.

The after show party for the guests kept to the theme with fancifully decorated yurts and an old Russian lorry converted into a barbeque. Over the sizzling delights of Central Asian cuisine and culture, retail partners, patrons and invited guests from the echelons of Berlin’s fashion and creative industries mingled together to celebrate another successful camel active event, well until the wee hours of the night.


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