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Luxury is subjective, but no matter how one looks at it, the opulent expression of that desire reserves a timeless and highly regarded place in society. Swiss Watch Gallery sits at the glittery end of that continuum, featuring a comprehensive collection of time pieces by Rolex and Tudor.

Measuring at 1,754 square feet, Rolex Boutique Swiss Watch Gallery at Pavilion KL is the largest Rolex and Tudor store in Southeast Asia – housing the most comprehensive collection of Rolex and Tudor timepieces. Customized and renovated according to Rolex’s global blueprint for its retail premises, its design and furnishings reflect Rolex’s commitment to modern luxury without forsaking tradition.

Rolex Boutique Swiss Watch Gallery holds up to its uncompromising emphasis on style, class, and elegance by encapsulating those very values in the design of its outlets. The ambiance is always kept tastefully unpretentious to complement the exquisite timepieces and accessories that are displayed there. The first Rolex Boutique Swiss Watch Gallery is located at Pavilion KL, while the second Rolex Boutique Swiss Watch Gallery is located at Suria KLCC.

Wholly owned by specialist luxury retailer The Valiram Group, Swiss Watch Gallery epitomises the best of Swiss Watch makers featuring a wide collection of iconic fine-watch making brands to high-end jewellery brands and luxurious accessories.


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