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Goodbye, ‘Idiot box’

Goodbye, ‘Idiot box’


You have to admit, the television  has evolved by leaps and bounds into the sophisticated flat-screened appliance we know today. Hence, it would certainly be a misrepresentation to call one an ‘idiot box’ in this day and age, considering how feature packed and technologically advanced the latest offerings are, not to mention their sleek and slim designs with premium finishes.

Putting the ‘Smart’ in TV is the new Samsung Smart LED TV F8000, which represents the next step in the evolution of the television. Presented with an ultra-thin design profile and an arc stand that ‘hovers’ over the surface is placed, this new innovation first and foremost makes for an excellent conversation starter when you have guests over. But of course, this technological marvel is not just a pretty decorative object.

Equipped with an impressive 1920x1080p Ultra Clear Panel display, you can be sure that this Smart TV can handle any content you’ve got in your library, and will reproduce them with rich, vibrant colours and deep blacks – so much so it will breathe new life and zest even into your favourite classic movies.

In addition to exceptional video reproduction quality, this highly-evolved television is the first of its kind to offer Intelligent Viewing technology and features which not only deliver best-in-class visuals, but also allow you to interact with the TV via hand gestures –lending it a more human, and intuitive element. In other words, these eliminate the headache of figuring out complex remote controls and make the TV simple to use and fun for viewers of all ages.

What’s more, beyond your conventional TV content, internet connectivity and access to popular social media sites are also available at the wave of a hand, giving you the convenience of accessing them without the hassle of moving to your computer to tweet about what just happened in your favourite series.

All in all, it’s safe to say that the innovation which comes in the form of the Samsung Smart LED TV F8000 nails the coffin shut on the term ‘idiot box’. With the multitude of innovations it presents, it is clear to see that the next generation of TVs hold far much more than meets the eye, and we can only look forward to more nifty innovations from industry heavyweights such as Samsung. 


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