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HES. HT-F9750

A Home Entertainment System presents the oomph and experience you would enjoy in a cinema – and indeed is a luxury appreciated by those who pursue the finer things in life. While cinemas and theaters will continue to exist, a Home Entertainment System presents a new dimension of convenience, comfort and privacy in your own personal space.

Dedicated to enhancing this very experience, Samsung takes the next step forward with the new Blu-ray Home Entertainment System HT-F9750W, which features a revolutionary Gallium Nitrade Amp which reduces noise and distortion at the power amplifier stage. This meaning you will get to enjoy precision and clarity even when the system reproduces the grittiest lows and crispiest highs.

With a wide frequency range between 384kHz to 768kHz, the system handles any audio challenge effortlessly. Furthermore, it presents 3D Sound Plus and DTS Neo capabilities, which add great depth and a more realistic feel to your viewing experience – as these systems work in tandem to constantly adjust sound direction to ensure you get an immersive experience akin to a live theater in the comfort of your living room.
Of course, outstanding audio goes hand in hand with pristine image quality. Hence, the HT-F9750W presents Ultra HD quality media by way of automatically upscaling and upgrading even Full HD videos to Ultra HD resolution for your viewing pleasure.

Equipped to deliver a new dimension of convenience and functionality, the Blu-ray player carries the Smart Hub feature found in Samsung Smart TVs – allowing you to access a whole world of Apps, Photos, Videos, Music and Social Networks at just the touch of a button. Meanwhile, enhancing connectivity options, the system is Bluetooth ready allowing you to wirelessly synchronise your favourite music and media with compatible Samsung players and Smartphones.

So, ready to indulge in an out-of-this-world experience? Grab a seat, kick back, relax and bask in the amazing audio and video quality the Samsung Blu-ray Home Entertainment System delivers.

By: Angelo Manuel 


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