Hear ye, hear ye, connoisseurs of fine art. A new prodigy is on the block, and he’s only 10! What’s all the fuss about? Well, for starters, if you’re a fan of Monet (the founder of impressionist painting), you’ll notice an uncanny resemblance in Kieron Williamson’s work… not to mention the sale of one of his collections raked in well over £1,500,000, with a single painting going for a cool £250,000 within just 20 minutes of the said exhibition opening its doors.

Perhaps some of you would have heard of Kieron’s work before, as he first began grabbing the attention of collectors in 2009. According to fans, his work has been steadily improving over the past 4 years, and the future sure looks bright for the young prodigy considering his recent earnings – which came from buyers around the world with some even going so far as to bid and purchase his works online during the exhibition.

So yea… you might want to get your kids to pick up a brush early… the returns seem well worthwhile.

Disclaimer: We do not support child exploitation. Please, let the children spend the money on what they want if they’ve earned it!

 By: Angelo Manuel 

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