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Minion Mania

Minion Mania


Hell, who doesn’t love those adorable little guys who speak the cutest gibberish. But seriously folks, this whole ‘minion mania’ in the wake of the highly anticipated Despicable Me 2 is getting a tad out of hand. Last week, a photo of an ‘angry mob’ breaking down shutters at a certain McDonalds outlet in Penang went viral on Facebook, and so have screenshots of exorbitant prices for single toys on e-bay, along with (now) countless memes highlighting the sheer madness and ‘herd mentality’ fans have been embracing.

Oh, and let’s not forget those folks who bought a whole lot of happy meals just for the toy, and threw away the food. Now that, was truly despicable. If you plan to do that, I strongly recommend you give the meal to some homeless guy, or if you’re buying in bulk, drop the meals off at an orphanage. Please.

But I’m no saint. I totally get the fascination over these toys, and am compelled to amass a collection myself after watching the movie. They’re just so damn irresistibly cute. It’s just that I get really claustrophobic and edgy in long noisy queues… and could very well end up instigating a shutter battering in that flustered state.

On the bright side, the amount of time you spend in a queue could be spent on creating your very own custom-made minions, and it’s not a matter of brain surgery.

Check these videos out:

Here’s one for the ladies: 


– See more at: http://www.360celsius.com/

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