The Sweet Sound of ‘Thrash’

The Sweet Sound of ‘Thrash’


Sorry Slayer and Metallica fans, we didn’t mean that kind of thrash. But maybe you fans of the Symphony & Metallica live album will dig this. Meet the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra, which truly gives new meaning to the whole concept of ‘Thrash Metal’. While some of us spend a bomb on musical instruments of the highest quality and craftsmanship, this one-of-a-kind orchestra breaks the mold with its members equipped with an array of instruments made entirely from recycled ‘garbage’ collected from landfills.

Truth be told, as a musician who plays stringed instruments myself, I was extremely skeptical about the sound quality such instruments would produce. My immediate assumption was that they would most likely lack timbre and produce irritating high frequencies… but well, after seeing this video, my jaw dropped, and I’m sure it will change your perception too over the idea of paying an arm and a leg for an instrument that sounds good.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra!

If that amazed you, don’t let it end there, find out how you can get involved here:

– See more at:

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