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Decks go Wireless

Decks go Wireless



Leave it to Pioneer to deliver a world-first. This time in the form of the XDJ-AERO wireless DJ system. Well, not all that wireless considering the speaker and mic ports at the back, but more so a very nifty device that takes full advantage of Wi-Fi technology.

As with many of the latest Pioneer DJ consoles, you don’t have to be a total pro to start mixing and get the party started, on top of which, it comes with a couple of apps to further simplify the process and allow you to synchronise it with a multitude of smart devices. In fact, you can have up to four sources identified for music playback and it can also acces audio files on your PC via rekordbox software. Furthermore, via the apps, you can even prepare your mixes on the go and come home ready to drop some serious bass.

Check out this crash-course:

– See more at: http://www.360celsius.com/

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