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Secret Sub – Place you Bids!

Secret Sub – Place you Bids!



So you’re a hardcore James Bond fan, you love your Bollinger and Omega Seamasters, and simply have to get your hands on any memorabilia 007 related. While many collectibles have been mass produced, few collectors can boast a one-of-a-kind piece, and now’s your golden opportunity – especially if you have a fortune the likes of a certain Goldfinger.

One of the most memorable scenes in The Spy Who Loved Me, saw Bond transforming his Lotus Esprit into a submarine to escape his assailants. Those of you who remember the film will instantly recall the numerous underwater scenes and villain Stromberg who had an underwater base called Atlantis. While it would be really epic if it was the said underwater hideout going on auction, the next best thing comes in the form of the Esprit in its submarine mode. Of course, there was never really an amphibious vehicle, it was all Hollwood magic.

To fill you in on its history, the sub on auction was originally built for around US$100,000 – estimated to be US$500,000 today. However, it disappeared after the film was made and went into storage for ten years, until one fine day, the contents of the storage unit was put on blind auction, and ended up in the hands of a pleasantly surprised couple (we’re sure).

After the iconic sub ‘surfaced’ it occasionally made appearances in museums and special Bond exhibits, and most recently has been touted as the highlight of the upcoming RM Auctions Sale which will take place in London this September. That said, if you’re looking for just the right thing to park next to that DeLorean of yours, this auction is the place to go.

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