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Iconic camera maker Hasselblad, whose legendary 500EL was used by Neil Armstrong to capture the first images on the moon’s surface, has launched a Lunar programme of its own. For over half a century Hasselblad has been making cameras for the world’s top professional photographers. Now the company has spread its wings and launched the Lunar – a state-of-the-art, Italian-designed, ultimate luxury consumer camera.


Under the guidance of New Business Development Director Luca Alessandrini, engineers and designers at the company’s design centre near Venice were briefed to develop a camera that would combine cutting edge technology with a unique custom finish. Taking their inspiration from the world’s sexiest supercars, its most luxurious watches and F1 technology, the team created the Lunar, a breathtaking hybrid of Italian design and Swedish pedigree.

With its evocative retro look, the Hasselblad Lunar revives the timeless charm of the 500C through its famous chrome-plated frame, made smooth and supple by the total absence of edges.

An aesthetically compelling piece of camera art, the Lunar is a gorgeous object to both behold and to hold. For its ergonomics, its weight and its design all make it irresistible to the touch. Developed in the traditional way, using handmade wooden prototypes, the Lunar’s specifications are naturally without parallel. However, it is the innovative use of materials that really puts this model in a class of its own.

The Lunar launches with five different grip styles, all handcrafted from the most luxurious and sensual elements. Lovers of the sexy, minimalist look can opt for the light and resistant carbon fibre design. Those who seek something totally unique may prefer natural Italian wood – olive or mahogany – undyed and with a waxless matt finish. Also available are two leather options, using the quality found in the most exclusive car interiors, in brown or black. Metal finishes are titanium apart from the mahogany wood model, which is copper-bronze.

Hasselblad-Italy-Design-Centre_04However in a game changer for the industry, the Lunar can be personalised to suit the purchaser’s lifestyle, needs and tastes, in the same way that a luxury car or yacht can be customised. The permutations are endless. Models can be designed in gold or platinum and may feature everything from engravings to precious jewels.

The camera is naturally packed with the superior specifications expected from an industry leader. Heralding Hasselblad’s entry into the mirrorless interchangeable lens market, the Lunar incorporates an engine from a Sony camera, the current leader in the category. It also has a huge selection of functions, aimed both at the quality of the picture and the entertainment of the user.

The camera is the brainchild of Hasselblad Chairman and CEO Dr Larry Hansen, a passionate photographer who claims no camera maker in the world has ever made a top quality model that is easily portable, takes incredible pictures and is, at the same time, stunningly beautiful.

Says Dr Hansen: “Lunar is the ultimate consumer camera for those people who demand the very finest things in life. We didn’t set out to make just another black box camera just like all the rest – this is a camera that will grow with you. We are offering leather and wood finishes that will mould over time to a human grip – like the warm feel of your wallet or handbag, or your luxury car steering wheel.”

The Lunar has been developed to appeal to both sexes. “Hasselblad’s research shows that our target groups will often have two cameras in the house; his and hers,” reveals Dr Hansen. “Perhaps she will opt for a leather finish, while he might prefer the more masculine look of our exclusive carbon fibre option – or alternatively, wood that might match the steering wheel in his car.”

Concludes Dr Hansen, “This is a camera that is unique in photo-history. It will appeal to a segment of society that wants to take a perfect picture but also wants to own an iconic product from an iconic brand.”


Priced at £4,400 (ex VAT) for the standard models, the Lunar is on sale from May 2013 at select retail outlets and luxury boutiques across the globe. For further details on the Lunar, please visit


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