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What you’re looking at here is a ‘Nail Tomb’, and yes, it is ‘sitting’ in the middle of a construction site. The term ‘Nail Tomb’ came from the Chinese neologism for houses belonging to people who refuse to budge, sometimes forcing developers to literally build around these houses when they can no longer wait or convince the defiant owners to move.

ku-xlarge (2)

ku-xlarge (1)

(io9 via Hugchina)

As if to have flippantly stood on a 10m tall mound on the construction site of Longyuan Residential Complex in the Shanxi province in China, this nail tomb quickly became an internet sensation when a blogger uploaded it via Weibo (China’s version of Twitter). According to a CCTV reporter, the land that this development was built on used to be home to about 200 tombs at the Longbao village cemetery.

pb-121218-grave-da-01.photoblog900 (1)

Villagers stand around an ancestral tomb as it is being relocated.

(NBC News via Reuters)

But after seven months, the relatives of the deceased came to an agreement with the developer, ending a worldwide sensation that earned its nickname.


The tombstone being carried away.

(NBC News via Reuters)

 See more at: http://www.360celsius.com/

By Kenneth Lim

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