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You’ve probably slept, ate, watched reruns of Twilight, and pushed the button for the flight attendant a million times on board a flight while flying thousands of feet in the air, crossing various time zones. Well, now you can do all that and more on board a real jumbo jet – while on the ground.

From the nation that brought you Absolut Vodka…I mean, the IceHotel to the floating Utter Inn that features an underwater aquarium for guests to sleep in— comes Jumbo Stay hostel. Retired and converted into a hostel and museum, the Jumbo Stay hostel at Arlanda Airport near Stockholm gives visitors quite a different alternative for spending the night. Inside the plane, there are two and three bed private rooms or two and four bed dormitories with the most luxurious one on the upper deck which boasts an exclusive cockpit suite with private shower and toilet. Other standard amenities include flat-screen TVs in each room, Wi-Fi access, a restaurant and bar. Your hotel “attendants” preside over the accommodation in full flight-attendant outfits. As for the view, the dorm-style rooms are lined with windows that look out over a runway. Impressive enough?


So, if you’re afraid of flying, start your trip here. After all, this could be the only aircraft that offers a guaranteed turbulence-free trip.


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By KogiV

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