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Despite being located in an area that is highly populated with watering holes that serve an extensive variety of liquor, wine, beer and other spirits, this Italian wine bar still manages to hold its own glass high and proud. Since its launch in May 2013, Urbano e Vino has built quite a reputation within the vicinity f Publika in Mont’ Kiara with their extensive list of wines that are imported directly from producers in Italy. And like the fine wine that is served there, the Interior decoration at this upscale wine bar is defined by a soothing blend of rustic charm and modern chic.




Urbano e Vino Shows What it Means to Get Corky

The wine cupboards are toned almost black, making a stark contrast with the lighter grey of the bare floor as well as the bright orange red of the chairs. The walls come in both white and red and adorned with modern art pieces that break up the monotony of single colours with a dash of boldness and imagination.


The design of the venue even incorporates the look of an old-fashioned Italian brick oven – to give that authentic feel of Mediterranean rusticity. To add to the unique ambiance, Urbano e Vino subscribes to a well-balanced mix of mood-complementing music that helps when you’re looking to have a great time. In this sense, let’s just say that you won’t hear Luciano Pavarotti crooning Ave Maria on most nights. On the other hand one cannot imagine drinking wine in an Italian setting and not once listening (or joyously singing along) to the Brindisi from La Traviata.


For those whose palette demands something other than wine, Urbano e Vino also serves a great selection of beer, cocktails and premium Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Rum and much more. If you need to complete the night by pairing whatever that you’re sipping with great food, you can order from the Urbano e Fresco menu which features a fine selection of exquisite Italian cuisine – now the only thing left to pair all this with is your good self and good company. So, come on down, have a glass or three, and sample la dolce vita at Urbano e Vino.

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Visit the Urbano e Fresco Website for more information.

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