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Spinning Beyond the Grave

Spinning Beyond the Grave



What’s the creepiest way you can think of to present your last will, or mess with people at your funeral? Perhaps you’ve considered a post-humous video presentation to address your kin, or even tucking a ‘Da Vinci Code’ into a certain post-impressionist portrait of you to be deciphered by those fighting over your fortune. Well, if you’re into the whole messages from beyond the grave thing, you can now have your cremated remains processed into a 12-inch vinyl record with 24 minutes (12 on each side) of audio of your choice.

Allowing you to make this creepy dream a reality is a company called And Vinyly (because it rhymes with ‘and finally’), and it will cost you about US$4,600 to do so. Upon confirmation of your order, 30 vinyl records will be printed for distribution among your friends and loved ones.

While some may find the whole idea a tad distasteful, the idea has been gaining quite a fair bit of popularity of late – for one, the price is in fact cheaper than a traditional burial. According to the company’s founder, U.K based music producer Jason Leach, some of the ideas he’s heard involve recording people telling jokes, stories about families, their own laughter on loop (now that’s what we’re talkin’ about), and even blank records which just reproduce pops and scratches as the needle goes over the ashes.

That said, its really up to you how far you want to take the medium. I’m going with backmasking ala Ozzy Osbourne for side A which will contain the last will, and ‘lay down the boogie and play that funky music till you die’ on loop for side B of my post-humous vinyl release.

– See more at: http://www.360celsius.com/

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