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Given the headline, you’re probably imagining your worst meal on an airline that reminded you of hospital food. Unless of course you’re totally acustomed to business class food (which we understand still pales in comparison to a proper fine dining experience). Now, if you really love your food, and simply can’t stand the idea of crappy food on a long-haul flight, you might consider these exceptions – since you’ll be getting victuals prepared by celebrity chefs.

If you’re into all natural, gourmet organic cuisine, Etihad Airways offers just that, and has recruited chefs from some of the world’s top Michilin Starred restaurants who will prepare meals aboard select international flights in Diamond Class. Meanwhile Qatar Airways has recruited top chefs the likes of Nobu Matsuhisa from Japan, Tom Aikens from the UK, Lebanese chef Ramzi Choueiri and Vineet Bathia from India – therefore you can expect a truly international gourmet menu on board the airline’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights for international business class flights.

The French take great pride in their cuisine, and even if you’re leaving Paris, you’d most likely want to leave with a nice taste in your mouth. Bringing on board celebrity chef Micheal Roth – chef at L’Espadon in the Ritz, Paris, to prepare meals on flights from Paris, you’ll get to enjoy special menus by Joel Rubuchon and Guy Martin who are also Michilin-starred chefs. Similarly, Lufthansa now features master chefs on selected long-haul flights from German cities. Currently on-board to tantilize your palate are the likes of three star Michelin chef Joachim Wissler, and French chef Marc Haeberlin.

But what about Asia? Well, upping the game in the region is Singapore Airlines which now offers dishes approved by a panel of nine internationally renowened chefs. Thes include French chef George Blanc, best known for his restaurant Vonnas which holds three michelin stars, and Italian Chef Carlo Craco of Alfred Portale, New York which holds two Michelin stars.

So, can’t wait till you touch down for a gourmet experience? Hop aboard one of the aforementioned carriers for that experience less ordinary you so crave.



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