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It’s way past 2012 people, and the world sure as hell ain’t ended. Take that doomsday preppers, hi-ho technological advances. Recent weeks have seen a renewed interest in giant robots and mechs – most likely sparked by cumulative success of Pacific Rim, and the Transformers movies. But we’re not here to compare big giant robots, what’s really interesting is that we are in fact getting closer and closer to realizing such monolithic mechanisms, and achieving a multitude of (once)sci-fi advances in technology and science… which are getting pretty scary, given the potential for abuse.

Leave it to the Japan to (finally) create a mech that you, the civilian can buy.

While America brings us closer to replicating our squishy insides… and mind control.

So with all these advances, what do we, the common folk do? I suggest we pray. Pray really hard the world doesn’t get taken over by machines and/or clones.



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