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Typical house chores often deny us the time for the things we feel matter the most. However, such chores, if neglected, result in living environments that are unhealthy and uncomfortable.
Presenting a solution is the NaviBot-S, Samsung’s latest independent home cleaning system. Small, flat and silent, it crawls through your living space; cleaning and removing dust particles effortlessly. Equipped with a Dust Particle Sensor, this nifty robot intelligently detects even the slightest amount of dust and persistently cleans until a thorough job is done. The end result is a squeaky clean hygienic environment that’s safe for children to play in.

The Navibot-S presents an advanced Visionary MappingTM Plus System that enables it to effectively clean narrow spots quickly. When low on power, it ingeniously takes the shortest route back to the docking station, and resumes its cleaning at its last position once fully charged; eliminating downtime and unnecessary travel distance, ultimately saving you a whole lot of time.

A slim 80mm profile allows the NaviBot-S to reach every nook and cranny, covering every inch with its sweeping action. Users can even dictate how often they would like the NaviBot-S perform its duties. This whole process is also silent; thanks to Air Path Technology that keeps noise levels at a maximum of 60dB. And, because it works without ever getting in your way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally tripping over it.

Conventional cleaning robots usually work well on one surface but struggle with others. The NaviBot-S includes a Turbo Mode and Spot Mode which perform great on challenging surfaces like carpets and rugs. Usually requiring manual effort, these surfaces are a piece of cake for the NaviBot-S.

Regardless of the size of your office or home, the Samsung NaviBot-S will certainly leave you more time to spend on the things that matter most in your life.


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