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Plants give any space a lively atmosphere, not just because they produce oxygen in the daytime, but also because they do in fact lift moods and have been proven to help eliminate volatile organic compounds from the air. Let’s face it, not all of us have a ‘green thumb’, and may have watched some otherwise beautiful plants slowly die under our care. However, you don’t necessarily need to have highly sensitive plants for the desired effects, and some can in fact thrive in air-conditioning, low-light conditions and with minimal watering. I’m terrible with plants, but these you’re about to see have thrived in my room over the past 3 months… so if you’re new to the whole thing, you simply can’t go wrong with these ‘surefire’ options.

Snake Plant
Mother in Law’s Tongue
Probably one of the hardiest indoor plants I’ve owned. Figures you see them in most shopping complexes. These need minimal light, and I only water them once a week. Also, they are unique in the sense that they produce oxygen at night as well. Furthermore, they’re really easy to propagate, you can just shove a snipping into soil and watch nature take its course. Do take note that these are known to be toxic to animals, so if you have pets or young children around, keep them away.

Pachira Tree/Fortune Plant
While not known for health benefits, these are certainly hold up well indoors with minimal sunlight. I don’t worry much about overwatering, keeping them near the shower and watering them when I bathe. They are commonly sold with their stems twisted together for aesthetic purposes, and can grow pretty large depending on the size of your pot.

Money Plant
Pretty much one of the easiest plants to grow – considering you can just shove a couple stems into a bowl of water or soil. These creepers grow really fast and are super-easy to propagate, plus, they are known to be great oxygen generators. You’ll worry more about trimming than watering, that’s for sure. Do take note that this plant is also known to be toxic to animals and children.

Areca Palm_2
Areca Palm
Popular as an oxygen generator, and also commonly seen in shopping malls, areca palms give a nice tropical aesthetic to your living space. Surprisingly, this plant does not require much light and also requires minimal watering.



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