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When you hear ‘Titanic’, several things come to mind: one of the biggest maritime disasters in history; a certain nude scene that made you sit through a painfully long movie; or the jaded flute intro to My Heart Will Go On. Well, in case you missed the first ill-fated voyage, probably because you weren’t born yet, now’s your chance to book a spot on the Titanic II – planned to be an exact replica of the original, which will take the same routes as the original in 2016, from Southamton to New York.


Screw history. Everyone knows global warming has eradicated the threat of icebergs.


If you listen closely enough, you can hear the wails of Celine Dion echoing through corridors.

Titanic II_Angu (2)

With tickets reportedly going as high as US$1million, life insurance better be part of the deal.

Inviting thousands of passengers to tempt fate is Australian mining tycoon Clive Palmer who owns the Blue Star Line. The Titanic II will have a capacity of 2,600 passengers and 850 cabins, and, while staying true to the original design, will be equipped with modern amenities such as air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. Also, features present in the original such as a gym, turkish baths, a squash court and swimming pools are included, and passengers will be provided 20th century style costumes to recreate the ambience on board the ill fated original. Oh, and 18 lifeboats will be present (an improvement from the original 16) – which will be able to bring a maximum of 2,700 passengers to salvation in a worst case scenario.

Anyway, if time permits, here’s an hour-long special with Clive Palmer himself:

Then there’s this….

It’s just a movie RIGHT?


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