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Monitor displays have become an interwoven part of modern day society, with billions of users enjoying a variety of visual content every minute of the day. Over the years, the PC monitor evolved; shedding its bulky form factor for more aesthetically pleasing shapes. In the 1990s, slim profile LCD monitors became a trend and eventually replaced CRT monitors as the new standard.

Bid a warm welcome to the new display benchmark – the 23.6 inch Samsung LED Monitor Series 7 SC750 flagship. Sleek, ergonomic and ultra-slim, it exudes elegance and charm; transforming conventional desks into productive workspaces. With a simple turn of the display, the SC750 seamlessly switches from landscape to portrait mode – presenting more convenient and optimised image and document viewing.

The Samsung flagship LED Monitor also features Wide Viewing Angle technology that produces crisp, clear and perfectly natural colours up to 178 degrees. Your content is king, and the SC750 lets you get the best out of your media in 1080p, be it games, movies or photos. At the same time, the Magic Upscale technology automatically scales your images to HD quality without degradation – transforming otherwise ordinary content into an enthralling visual feast for designers, photographers, gamers and casual users alike.


Another feature that makes your content stand out is the Mega Dynamic Contract Ratio (DCR) that delivers a new level of contrast and picture quality; keeping blacks at their darkest, and whites at their brightest. Incidentally, eco-conscious users will appreciate the 3 energy-saving modes in this monitor as it reduces their carbon footprint while maximising their viewing pleasure.

Enhancing connectivity options, two HDMI ports and a D-Sub port on the back make the SC750 suitable for desktop entertainment in the living room. While it doesn’t come with Samsung Hub, which comes as standard with Samsung Smart TVs, this LED Monitor flagship can definitely deliver quality on par with one.




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