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712WjTSfMDLJuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow is the new definition of beauty sleep. A product of JuveRest LLC, the pillows multi-patented design helps prevent and reduce sleep wrinkles caused by recurring facial compression from pillow contact during sleep. Engineered to provide true support of the head and neck in back and side sleeping positions, it provides for comfortable sleep while minimizing facial contact.

Invented by a leading plastic surgeon, Goesel Anson, MD, FACS, the design challenge for JuveRest was significant – how do you create a comfortable pillow which offers true support while minimizing facial contact, despite constantly changing sleep positions throughout the night? The answer is JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow, scientifically developed with painstaking attention to detail.MHImage2

Many people don’t realize there are two main types of wrinkles on their faces – expression wrinkles and sleep wrinkles. Expression wrinkles are the ones we usually think of and are caused by repeated facial expressions (frown lines, crow’s feet, smile lines). Sleep wrinkles are different and are caused by repeated distortion of the face from compression against the pillow surface, night after night. When the face is pressed against a pillow in side or stomach sleeping, facial distortion will result. The only way to prevent sleep wrinkles is to avoid sleeping on your face. However, sleep patterns are habitual and can be difficult to change.

Unlike other pillows on the market, JuveRest is specifically designed to provide the support necessary for comfortable back and side sleep while minimizing facial compression in both positions. The three-panel structure provides back and side sleeping surfaces which minimize contact between your face and the pillow. The central panel includes variable contours to support the head and neck in a neutral, relaxed position. The two symmetrical side panels are raised, slope upward and include a stair-stepped recess to reduce facial contact while you rest on either side. The sculpted shoulder arch cradles the shoulder while ensuring proper alignment of the head, neck and back. In total, JuveRest has over a dozen unique features that work to prevent your face from compression on any surface.


JuveRest is soft and flexible to the touch and is molded from high-quality, resilient open-cell polyurethane foam. JuveRest comes with a luxury washable, fitted stretch-velour cover. The pillow can be additionally covered with any standard queen or king-size pillow case or sham.

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