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There are two ways I usually end up watching a horror flick: either I get totally conned into it by a bunch of friends who buy tickets in advance and lead me to the cinema thinking we’re going to see a comedy, or everyone’s talking about it, so I simply have to go and see it. In the case of The Conjuring, it was the latter, and my expectations were naturally high.

While the film does start out promising, with some freaky omens and brief paranormal sightings, it begins to fail (somewhere midway-thru) thanks to the element of unnecessary comic relief, and clichés by the buckets. However, I guess you can’t help but appreciate the fact that minimal special effects were used, and that quite a few of the scares, as jaded as they may have been, were highly effective.

There’s always something behind you.

Kids, that’s what Ghostbusters looked like in the 70s. 

All in all, that ‘story that was too scary to tell until now’ pitch from the trailer really oversold it for me; it really felt like the elements of various horror flicks mashed into one movie – plot of land with troubled history, creepy basement, witchcraft, possession, exorcism, frightened little girls, and lots of things that go bump in the night.

I give it two claps.

With such great acting skills, I really deserved a lead role.




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