If you checked out the Mech now available to civilians, you’re probably all about amassing your very own arsenal of awesome war machines. Fighter jets definitely make for a whole lot of fun if you know how to handle them, and have a certain fascination with breaching the sound barrier and leaving trails of rumbling sonic booms. Now, allowing you, the civilian, to do just that is Saker aircraft which is putting up for sale decommissioned military jets – the likes of F-4 Phantoms and MiG-15s.


Refurbished for civilian use (no bombs included of course), these jets (called the Saker S-1 series) have been designed to look like F-15 and F-18 fighters, and pack twin Williams FJ44-4 engines which are capable of a Mach 1.1 top speed – just allowing you to breach the sound barrier. And, this speed mind you, will definitely smoke all other commercially available private jets. The S-1, which has a starting price of US$5 million, can cover up to 1,600 nautical miles on a 500 gallon tank, and can go up to 2,200 if you add on external fuel tanks.

You’ll have to hang in there though, as Saker only expects to begin deliveries by 2019. In the meantime, start saving up. US$5million for a jet of this sort doesn’t sound too bad a deal at all…



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