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There should really be a law against showing off tech that will not be available at least within a decade, at most. But anyway, now that I’ve been teased, I’m going to pass the bug on – in hopes that it makes more of you so impatient, to the point that we actually force manufacturers into making this (currently still) sci-fi appliance into a reality sooner.

What you’re looking at is the concept for the Bio Robot Refrigerator by Russian student Yuriy Dmitriev which first made it’s appearance at the Elextrolux Design Lab 2010 contest, and has now resurfaced as we near the 2013 edition. It’s that hard to top, even three years down the line.



This unique concept will use biopolymer gel to keep food cold, thereby saving significant space and electricity. On top of that, it can be placed vertically, horizontally or even on the ceiling. Also, part of its magic is in its ability to transform UV radiation into light to cool food at different wavelengths – meaning each item stored can be at its optimum temperature.

Well, maybe not so unique.





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