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Jetpacks are just so cool, being one-man flight devices which don’t require a garage to store. However, it would be fair to guess that not many people own one because firstly, they’re bloody expensive, and secondly, the last thing you want is to come plummeting out of the sky if the thing runs out of gas. Its interesting to note that the device has evolved pretty significantly since it was first conceived in the 60s… considering many of us most likely first encountered it in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas among other video games only available in the 2000s.


Seriously, your parents most likely knew about these in their hippie days, they just didn’t tell you.



Air is a little thin at 5,000 feet no?


While over the years, many jetpacks been produced, few, have not been commercially available. However, it would appear they’ve finally figured out how to prevent people from being scraped off the pavement, or getting smacked by trees.

Enter the latest Jetlev R200x, boasted as the most advanced water-propelled jetpack in existance. Taking users to pretty decent heights, this baby is powered by a Rotax Engine, and comes with numerous safety features to ensure an enjoyable experience – for US$68,500. Well, not everyone will be able to afford one, but we’re sure if you own a yacht, this would certainly be an awesome attraction to have on board.



Make you own family vacation video with Black Sabbath’s Iron Man as background music.



Or make a compilation of epic fails, you’ll be a youtube celeb for sure!





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