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A powernap can do wonders for productivity during a long day in the office. However, with constant chatter and the peering eyes of colleagues constantly surrounding you, it’s really hard to get some decent shuteye. But hey, let’s be realistic here, a bunch of employees reclining all over the office (regardless of time of day) sure would look bad if a client walked in.

Presenting a solution for those most in need of some mid-day shuteye is the CalmSpace – a sleeping pod for use inside offices. Designed by Marie-Virginie Berbet, this project by France Telecom is made to fit discreetly into corners, and comes complete with a bed, mood-lighting system and audio system.


Developed in collaboration with sleep experts from the Centre du sommeil de l’Hôtel-Dieu, Paris, the CalmSpace creates an immersive environment that ‘transports’ the occupant into another world. A warm orange glow helps you go to sleep, while a blue light – said to block melatonin secretion, leaves you energised and ready to get back into things full swing.


There’s a catch, however. Preset times for naps ensure employees take no longer than 20 minutes of ‘zen’ time at a go, or just straight up hog the new amenity in the office.


-SEE MORE AT http://www.360celsius.com/beauty-health/


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