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[Infographic] Diverse and Convenient Samsung Mobile Printing1

Technology has altered the way people work. What were once typewriters and copy-machines have now evolved into multi-function printers, what’s more, manufacturers have also created new, innovative and simpler ways for users to interact and utilize such cutting edge technology.

In a fast-paced working environment, the Samsung Mobile Print app increases productivity through its indispensable features. Supporting a wide variety of Samsung printers, it is compatible with all smartphones and tablets, allowing you to wirelessly print, scan and transfer files at ease – without the hassle of complicated driver installations.

To get started, simply install the app, connect your smart device via Wi-Fi-directly to the printer, and voila – you’re all set to print, scan and fax. Be it printing photos, web pages, PDF files and even Microsoft Office documents such as Excel spread sheets and PowerPoint presentations; these are just a tap away.

Through the app, users have a diversified range of print options which allow you to easily adjust size, orientation, print quantity, mono and colour prints among many other functions. Such flexibility offers consumers a printing experience akin to that of a desktop computer, and thereby presents users with access to hard copies of data stored on their smartphones like never before.

In addition to printing, converting physical copies to digital equivalents through the Samsung Mobile Print app is just as easy. Just tap the scan button on any device connected to your Samsung Multifunction Printer and it automatically transforms your photos and documents into its JPG, PNG or PDF equivalents. Using the app, you can also tweak these files to your preference; making them ideal for whatever purpose you require them for.

After amending your documents and photos, you can easily use the Samsung Mobile Print app for multi-purpose file transfers to other devices as well as the web. This means your content can be shared via email, social networking sites and cloud storage services; letting you work and share on the go – hassle free.

Without a doubt, the Samsung Mobile Print app’s features and user-friendliness turns troublesome tasks into child’s play. Its delivery of convenience, functionality and productivity are definitely a workaholic’s best friend.

[Infographic] Diverse and Convenient Samsung Mobile Printing2



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