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Think fast, what would your last meal be? Well, if you can’t decide, this here can just might be the answer. Packing 12 courses, including ricotta ravioli, Shiitake mushrooms, halibut poached in truffle butter, rib eye steak, french canele and hazelnut latte… it will most likely satisfy whatever craving you might have, be it your last can of food in the event of a zombie apocalypse, or if you’re that unfortunate soul on death row.

What really disappoints, is that this epic meal in a can was created as a dissertation on consumerism, meaning there’s not much of a chance we’ll actually get to taste the darned contents. Created by Chris Godfrey, who studies at the Kingston University in London, the 12 course meal was born of his fascination with the lengths companies go through to entice consumers, our love for ‘quality’ products, and rediculous convenience.


Regardless, quite a fair bit of effort went into this ‘franken-can’, as each layer does in fact consist of what is promised on the label. According to Godfrey, he first prepared each of the dishes on the menu, processed them, and painstakingly combined them with gelatin. After this, each layer was individually poured on top of the other, each taking an hour to set.


I want to eat it. I mean, come on… isn’t that the most glorious layer cake you’ve ever seen? Somebody? Anybody? I’ll show myself out now.

On a separate note, this takes “fusion cuisine” to a whole new level, and it just might… go with this wine.




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