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Colossoma teeth BaltAQ

It amuses me greatly, that the world has a sudden obsession with the pacu – a fish closely related to the piranha, which this week came into the international spotlight for it’s testicle munching feat… or rather ‘preference‘ for family jewels. It’s almost as if shark week hit the world so hard, it just had to go and declare war on another innocent creature… ok, fine, it’s widely known as the ball cutter, kill it before it lays eggs if you must, it’s not endangered yet.

You’re welcome to try it with superior broth. But seriously, this guy tastes best deep fried, or grilled with a sprinkle of salt.


This is how you make something otherwise regarded as a ‘pest’ sound like caviar.


As far as I know, they dig a variety of things (just about anything will do), with Gardenia white breadbeing a sure-fire ways to nab one. Me and my buddies have also tried balls (no pun intended) of fish meal with pandan flavouring added for extra ‘scent’ and even meat works. They put up a really good fight when of decent size (8-12 inches long) and do get pretty huge. Generally, they make for a more worthwhile visit to your favourite pay-pond than the tilapia – which is regarded as a waste of time if you’re looking for some semblance of a challenge angling experience in the suburbs of Malaysia.


A typical weekend fishing in Malaysia.


Veni, Vidi Vici. Baby.





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