Game graphics have evolved so much over the past 20 years, it’s pretty incredible, and hard to imagine where many of us started. One moment its gray, green and black pixels, the next it’s blotchy coloured pixels, and then you’ve got these super realistic textures and effects. However, some of us can’t help but look back a certain game of yesteryear, and tell ourselves: ‘That was one hell of a game. They sure don’t make em’ like they used to.’ Well, if you’re feeling all nostalgic, and can’t resist scratching that ‘classic’ game itch, you might want to give these a go.

Disclaimer: Viewer discretion advised, some of the most popular games ever created are incredibly notorious for violence. Then again, you knew that already didn’t you?


If you have not at least heard of Wolfenstien 3D (1992), you shouldn’t continue playing your first person shooter (FPS) games until you hit youtube or wikipedia to find out what it is. While there have been numerous mods which salute this classic which ‘started it all’, this particular one, released last year, brings it into the future, and is plenty classy while at it. Plus, it’s easy on the eyes (apparently built on the Quake 3 engine) especially if you’ve been totally spoiled by today’s standards. Oh, and it’sfree too!



Brutal Doom
The name says it all with this one, skip to the next entry if you get squeamish at the sight of primitive, pixelated gore by the buckets. Following up to the success of Wolfenstien back in the day wasDoom(1993), which got even more of us then kids into the FPS genre. This revamp brings some nifty features such as reloads and secondary weapon functions, while staying true to the original graphic style of the game.



Duke Nukem Forever 2013
Lots of folks were disappointed with Duke Nukem Forever which finally hit the shelves in 2011. However I for one enjoyed that one, as the game was afterall about being cheesy and hilarious. Sure, it could have been better, but certainly was decent enough an offering to placate a hardcore fan like myself. Anyway, this very interesting mod takes the 2011 Duke Nukem title back to it’s heyday in 1995, complete with build engine graphics, and a whole lot of easter eggs.



Shadow Warrior 2013
Back in 1997, following Duke Nukem 3D was Shadow Warrior, which was just as cheesy, violent and hilarious. While this game is still not out, recent teasers leave us much to look forward to, a it’s a total revamp which promises to catapult an amazing classic into the future.



Thief 4
The stealth game genre changed many things for us, and taught us that there’s more than a straight line between you and your enemy. It opened up a whole new dimension of creativity and objectives. While there have been quite a number of recent releases in the genre which did in fact garner their ‘oohs and aah’s’ from the gaming community, this fourth edition of the game which put the genre on the map promises to up the ante yet again.



War For The Overworld
FPS and stealth genres aside, the 90s also spawned the awesome ‘god-game’ genre. A cult favourite from that era was Dungeon Keeper(1997) which put you in the role of an evil overlord with an army of creatures at your disposal to eliminate the threat of heroes. A sequel was released in 1999, and a third edition was promised but never quite made it. Currently, War For The Overworld is available for beta play, and is being funded by kickstarter, so it’s really relying on die-hard fans to become a reality. Check it out, and donate, so I can play a polished full version! Pretty please?



Duck Tales Remastered
Last but definitely not least, this one sticks out like a sore thumb, and, well kinda deserves to. If you were one of those kids glued to their Nintendos and actually remember blowing on cartridges for good measure, this one will definitely awaken the child in you. Originally launched in 1989 and played well into the 90s, DuckTales was the one that made many of us (finally) put aside our Super Mario cartridges for a welcome change. Remade almost to the T, don’t expect too radical a change, but do expect bouts of epic nostalgia.



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