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Remember how mummy used to say fibrous foods are good for you? Well, they are also good on you. At least when it comes to sugar cane. It would be safe to bet that not many people think twice about how regular jeans are put together. But when someone (or something) is making denim out of sugar cane fibre, then on come the spotlights!

Sugar Cane and Co. UK produces unique hand-dyed denim apparel made of sugar cane fibre, which is apparently a long lost art stemming from the land of the sushi rising sun. After successfully producing their debut pair of jeans called the “Sugar Cane Awa”, these denim connoisseurs rocketed off to producing all sorts of gear – from sugar cane biker jackets to sugar cane denim shirts, and even sugar cane belts – and is now quickly emerging as a global brand. These high-fibre delights are imported and sold in America, Europe, and Japan.

Their journey to success wasn’t all toffees and rainbows, though. Not being as open with their denim-making recipes as they were with their ramen, this Japanese secret to ruggedly durable dungarees took almost 20 years to track down and perfect. Dedication much? Well, that’s because they simply despised the idea of weaving anything but the best pair of jeans of the finest quality; a luxury that left us almost a century ago to be replaced by cheap, cost-cutting alternatives.


In case of emergencies, do NOT attempt to eat this fabric.
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Now, all I need is a pair of wheat-woven loafers and I’m good to go.


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