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Nick Vujicic
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Right after a successful concert where 100 underprivileged children performed to a full house crowd, StART Society is at it again to make a difference in the community. This time, they have gotten international inspirational speaker, Nick Vujicic to speak at their conference.

Open to public but limited to 500 seats only, StART Society will be hosting the “Up Close and Personal with Nick” conference this 28th August, 8pm at Hilton Petaling Jaya.

Inspired at Nick Vujicic’s talk at Sunway University recently, Josh Lee who is an alumnus there and also the Programme Director of StART Society knew it would be a dream come true if he could bring Nick Vujicic to speak at a StART event seeing that many underprivileged children would benefit tremendously from it. That dream is now coming to pass.

The sense of urgency for bringing Nick Vujicic in was stoked when at the closing of the session at Sunway, Nick Vujicic got the audience to close their eyes during which he asked two very pressing and pertinent questions: (1) How many of you have considered suicide in the last 3 months; (2) How many have actually attempted suicide during these last 3 months. The answers came back at 70% and 30% respectively.

“Seeing the overwhelming impact of his hope-inspired message addressing the very desperate state of social and emotional health among Malaysian youth (as indicated by the audience response that day), I realized this message had to be heard by the other 10 million Malaysian youths throughout this country,” said Josh Lee.

Seats are going for RM250 (Diamond, with free “Give Me a Hug” book), RM200 (Platinum) and RM150 (Gold). All participants will be getting a complimentary limited edition “My Story-QuikSilver” Touch N Go card.

When StART decided to take a chance to bring Nick Vujicic in, considering the huge cost and logistical undertakings, help came from an unlikely source. Melvin Tong, an amputee who has climbed Mount Kota Kinabalu pledged to raise at least RM20, 000. Melvin Tong who lost his leg at his prime age of 17 years old to a rare form of cancer was inspired by Nick Vujicic and believes that no disability can limit anyone who has the will and spirit to live life to the fullest.

“I am defined by my will and my desire to better myself. I knew that I had to take charge of my own destiny and decided to make the best of what I could and to push forth to live the life I had always wanted, and raising RM20, 000 and beyond is my way of putting into action what I believe,” says Melvin Tong.



“Up Close and Personal with Nick” is open to public but an “exclusive” event with limited seats of 500 pax only. To book your seats, you may purchase tickets by writing to start.w.nick@gmail.comFor more information please text 012-368-4831 or write to

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