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With Volvo’s reputation for producing some of the safest and sturdiest cars on earth, I have developed the impression that it would be close to impossible for the average car thief to carjack a new Volvo; let alone the keyboard warriors of 360 Celsius. So it should be no surprise that we let out sighs of relief when Volvo made a timely offer to loan us a V60 T5 for a weekend to satisfy our curiosity to take one for a spin.


Since I was but a fragile little boy, I have always known Volvo cars for being tanks among cars. And though Volvo has changed a lot in terms of design since the prominently rigid box of a silhouette that the brand was known for in the 70s and 80s, its status as the unofficial mascot for automotive safety standards remains largely unchanged. Through our experience with the V60 T5, we are certain that Volvo’s design language isn’t the only quality that has evolved.


Except for the absence of an external heartbeat sensor that would probably risk freaking the average superstitious person out if it beeped at the wrong time, the V60 T5 is generously equipped with the latest technologies and features. Keeping in mind that you can take as much time as you want to explore and personalize all the bells and whistles in this car to best suit your needs, the car is designed to work wonders with minimal input from your part. Nevertheless, here are some features worth noting.


In my humble opinion, Volvo’s transition into curvier, more ‘modern’ designs is a long awaited one. Nevertheless, the V60 T5 is a breath of fresh air that I can appreciate; it’s a far cry from the ‘mom’s car’ that its ancestors were cheekily labeled by my peers. Its curvy credentials both on the outside and inside are easy on the eye, present fairly sleek corporate cues, and can very well stand toe-to-toe with its luxury European counterparts that are currently on the market.



(Images courtesy of Volvo)

For more information, visit Volvo.


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