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If there’s one thing hammocks and bathtubs have in common, it’s that they give you that sense of ‘heck it all’ as you sink in and relax, and let all your worries melt away. While the lovechild of both these beloved avenues for relaxation might be hard to imagine, British design company Splinter Works has done just that, and the result is not half as bizarre as the thought would imply.

Row, row, row your tub…

It doesn’t swing. Damnit! We just had to say that right up front. When we were told that there was a ‘hammock bathtub’ out there, we were totally stoked at the idea of swinging and soaking our way to bliss…but alas… such things still belong in fantasy land.

On a more serious note, where ergonomics and design are concerned, the Vessel is indeed an impressive creation with lovely contours that certainly look welcoming to the weary body. While it doesn’t swing (no we’re not letting that go), the Vessel is suspended from the walls, secured by stainless steel brackets – meaning the base of the tub does not touch the floor. In addition, the tub features a foam core to insulate and keep bath water warm.

…gently to the bank…

Rendered in lightweight carbon fiber which allows it to remain safely suspended without resulting in an unpleasant (yet hilarious) bathroom accident, the limited series is available in colour options of black, red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and silver, allowing it to find its home in virtually any interior. Only 12 units will be produced, and each is priced at a cool US$32,259.

According to Miles Hartwell, co-founder of Splinter Works, the idea behind the Vessel was “struck by the synergy between the shapes of two compelling symbols of relaxation, a hammock and a bath tub, we were inspired to develop a piece that would provide the ultimate vehicle for total escapism.” With that in mind, if you fancy getting one of these, you might want to order a new flat-screen TV and a few bottles of premium champagne to go with it.

…merrily merruh muh…..


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