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Some call them snobby, some call them lazy, but to some extent, I think we all can agree that a cat’s life is pretty sweet, don’t you think? No doubt they are still under the illusion that they are creatures worth worshipping, but still, one can’t help but wonder what actually goes on behind that complex furry feline noggin of theirs. If we watch the kitty closer, though, we might be able to learn a thing or seven from them:
(Image above via crispme.com)


When in doubt, just do it
cat-pose-thumbnailHave you ever seen an indecisive cat? Exactly. They hop onto any piece of furniture they want and claim it like the Queen of England. Conviction and decision-making are essential qualities when it comes to leadership and entrepreneurship. Of course, some strategizing is required initially. But don’t be afraid to choose a path, don’t be afraid to fail. Most of the best entrepreneurs and leaders in the world have always come across hiccups before actually making it. For instance, prior to Instagram, the creators developed quite some few failed apps before hitting a sure fire winner.
(Image via nightcaptv.com)


Take frequent naps

sleeping_cat_resizeNot as frequent as a cat, but you get the picture. The human body and brain needs adequate rest for it to function optimally, 7-9 hours of daily sleep to be precise. Don’t torture your body and push it to its limits to be productive. If you’ve hit a mental block, take a break or even a good power nap if you’re able to. You might just be surprised what you come up with after.
(Image via weirdomatic.com)



If you don’t get your way, meow until you do
meowingThe other day, I refused to let my cat into my room, fearing my bed will be turned into a fur fiesta. So she planted herself at my door and mewed every 2 seconds until I let her in just to shut her up. Of course that could be just poor willpower on my side, but nevertheless, it’s a good lesson to take away. When you want something and want it badly, meow until you get it. Just make sure what you want is reasonable – you want to be the cat, not the brat.
(Image via myanimalgeneralhospital.blogspot.com)


Curiosity never really kills

curious_catApart from the poor little kitty road kills, I’ve never actually heard of curiosity actually killing a cat. Have you? In the short time that we are given on this planet, we only ever stop learning when we lose our drive for curiosity. Keep asking questions or take on classes during your free hours. Learn a new dance genre, pickup public speaking skills, or even join a book club. All these are regular value-adding skills that easily fit into most working adult’s schedule, plus, you might come out of it making a new friend or two.
(Image via wallpapervortex.com)


Eat lots of fish

Kitten trying to get at a goldfishWhen it comes to diet, cats have got it right. Try to fit in as much fish as you can into your diet, especially fish that are high in fat. Fish are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are excellent for reducing the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and arthritis. So quick, get your paws on them sushi!
(Image via testimoniesofheavenandhell.com)





Don’t forget to play
playing-cat-Wallpaper-1In the midst of all the hustle and bustle that we call work, some of us forget to have fun. It doesn’t have to mean going out clubbing every Friday night, or gathering a group of friends for a game of basketball in the weekend. If group activities isn’t your cup of tea, do something that is. Reading a good book or playing your favourite instrument can be pretty rewarding if that kind of thing is right up your alley. Make sure you allocate some ‘you’ time every now and then, to keep your mojo going.
(Image via rootfun.net)

Never underestimate the act of grooming
groomingAnother cat necessity that we should not overlook is the act of grooming. It is not only important when attending job interviews, but throughout your everyday work-life, try to look your best before leaving the house. Make sure you smell good, your furhair falls neatly in place, and your fingernails are clean. Looking good makes you feel good, and thus hold yourself better. You might end up purring with delight even, once you’ve been considered for that promotion!
(Image via warrenphotographic.co.uk)




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