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They’ve finally figured out how to do away with headphone speakers, and it doesn’t look half bad at all. In fact, it looks rather sci-fi inspired, alien even.

Enter the Sound Band, which aims to change the way we listen to our music, though surface sound technology, which allows you to still hear outside sounds at the same time – since no conventional earpieces are involved.

In a nutshell, the Sound Band sends small vibrations through the back of the ears; and this allows the headset to be silent to others, while you can crank up the volume to your heart’s content. As you may surmise from the images, the technology is wireless, and functions via Bluetooth – allowing you to stream audio from a multitude of sources. On top of that, this nifty headset also allows you to make calls, with noise reduction and echo cancellation for optimal clarity.

*hiss* we come to take your children’s ears…
While it might sound odd at first, not being totally zoned out, as you would be with conventional head sets, think of the possibilities – such as that boring date you can’t seem to shake, a safe device for motorists and pedestrians, and the refreshing sounds of mother-nature in the background when you’re out on a hike.

In addition, the official Kickstarter page states: “Perfect for music, phone calls, video conferencing, gaming, intra-office communications, GPS, audio books, news feeds, meeting reminders, or any other wireless personal audio, Sound Band is (literally and figuratively) ready to rock the marketplace.”

A final version has yet to be announced. However, seeing that Hybra Advance Technology – the company behind this creation – surpassed its US$175,000 goal on Kickstarter in no time, we have high hopes of it becoming available to the masses soon. Currently, for those interested in trying these on, you are still required to make minimum pledge of US$135 – as stated on the official Kickstarter page.

Don’t worry, we’re sure it doesn’t bite.



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