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A man takes a picture of a giant "Kuratas" robot at an exhibition in Tokyo

Kogoro Kurata is not your average Japanese man – he is a robot-builder and successful one at that. His hit invention, the Kuratas robot, is a massive (and slightly disturbing) mech with almost all the features a comic book fan could dream of: from water jet blasting to a smartphone method of remote control to a built-in 6000 rpm BB gun arm that can be set to trigger everytime you smile.

Kogoro Kurata kuratas giant robot japan 1 Troubled or genius? I can’t decide.
Image via kuriositas.com

That’s right. This 13-foot, 4-tonne, psychopath-friendly machine encourages some serious sadistic behaviour when firing your mostly-harmless weapons. Once it detects the pilot’s smile, it automatically shoots its BB gun extension. It even warns you not to trigger a shooting spree by laughing uncontrollably. CREEPY MUCH. But other than that, this robot proves to be an ideal purchase for those who have too much cash on their hands – USD 1.3 million to be precise, with customized add-ons being of equally exorbitant prices (all that money, and you can’t even smoke in your own cockpit dammit). Why give to charity when you can have the closest thing to Iron Man itself, with a sci-fi like touchscreen-equipped cockpit complete with an iPhone dock so you sing along to Bieber latest hit while going on your happy rampage?

12Total = USD 1,353,500 only. Proceed to checkout?
Image via gunjap.net

JAPAN-TECHNOLOGY-ROBOTWhat nobody tells you is that you need extraordinary thigh muscles to board this giant.
Image via nationalpost.com

Just in case you’re not totally bizarred-out yet, here’s a funny video demonstration on how to work your Kuratas robot if you were eccentric enough to buy one. (Warning: For obvious reasons, do not watch this while seated in the cockpit)





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