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Assembled in 60 seconds, this remarkable boat combines the most advanced, technology with attention to detail ,creating a safe and easy ­to ­use unfolding boat that is about to be unveiled at the 2013 Sydney International Boat Show.


Quickboats is the Australian company behind the revolutionary Australian designed Quickboat – a flat­packed boat which can be assembled within 60 seconds, launched from anywhere with water access and will easily fit on any car’s roof racks, eliminating the need for a costly and space consuming trailer. When not in use, the Quickboat simply hangs up on a wall or placed on a shelf. No more mooring, no more maintenance, just sheer boating pleasure.


Transporting the Quickboat with a standard sedan is as easy as travelling with a few surfboards as the entire boat packs down to two separate bags; the first bag measures 3.6m x 0.7m x .13m and weighs just 36 kg, while the second bag is a mere 1.5m x 1.2m x .08m
and 18kg, making it so easy for two people to carry from the car to the water (along with the engine).

When assembled, the boat is 3.7m long and 1.7m wide, comfortably fits four adults and can travel in enclosed waters at over 20 knots with 9.8hp, making it the perfect vessel for the boat enthusiast with a limited budget and/or space. The Quickboat is very cost effective because this is a boat that saves the trailer registration,boat registration and recreational skippers ticket if powered with less than 5hp.

Is it safe on the water? Yes it’s very safe and also so easy to store and transport that is why several International Aid agencies have expressed interest in using the Quickboat for flood relief and rescue operations. It is made of advanced composites such as high­end fibreglass and Kevlar and is designed to function like other traditional small boats Plus, given the fact that it will spend some of the time safely stored away indoors, it will not be exposed to the same level of wear ­and ­tear as the average boat.


“We are excited to be able to make boat ownership a more realistic proposition for thousands of Australians. Whether it’s a lack of space, cost or both, these factors have meant that many potential boat owners have been turned off the idea of Boating being an enjoyable experience . Quickboats delivers an enjoyable boating experience for everyone ,” said Deryck Graham, Managing Director of Quickboats.

While the Quickboat is yet to be officially launched, it has already gathered a strong following online, “We set up a website and have been using social media to see people’s reactions and it’s been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve already have over 600 people from all over the world join the waiting list and over 3500 enquiries. Our goal after the Australian launch is to take Quickboats overseas to even bigger markets,” continued Graham.



Quickboats can be purchased for $4,375 inclusive of gst exclusively from quickboats.com

(Images via quickboats)




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