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What do you get when you combine this mushy fruit with artistic talent and fine dexterity? What one would normally take as a healthy breakfast quickie, Keisuke Yamada sees as another canvas for him to express his creativity. The twenty-six year old self-taught artist became an instant Internet sensation back in 2011 when he uploaded his yummy pieces of work to a Japanese art site called Pixiv, and has since been featured by many of the world’s biggest websites and appearing on talk shows to feature his unique banana sculpting skills live.

All this hype began one day when his curiosity got the better of him, leading him to create a simple smiley banana face. After receiving some encouraging responses from art enthusiasts, he continued his endeavour, carving famous animated characters into his banana using only a toothpick and a teaspoon. It’s not as easy as one might think: once peeled, the flesh of this fruit must quickly be primed, shaped and finely sculpted within 30 minutes, before the fruit starts to oxidise and turn brown.

ku-xlarge (1) Image via kotaku.com

ku-xlarge (2) Image via kotaku.com

ku-xlarge (3) Image via kotaku.com

After taking a shot or two of his current masterpiece, he proceeds to eat them. Almost like how a Black Widow Spider eats its mate after making love, only much cooler. Here’s a look at some of Yamada’s finished pieces:

F612A6C91CDA57D04CA2B2C8EB2E1B_h498_w598_m2_q90_cBdVobvBqImage via lifestyle.jp.msn.com

banana-dragon-580x376Image via tofugu.com

Banana01Image via comicsalliance.com

Follow Yamada’s Pixiv and Twitter accounts to get instant updates on his quirky and crafty banana models.






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