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Some of us can’t bear to be away from our canine and feline companions, and wish we could keep an eye on them when we’re out. Afterall, an empty house can be a dangerous place, not just for your furry friend, but also for your furniture. Well, thanks to modern technology, you can now get in touch with that lonely pet of yours from miles away, feed, and even play with them with these nifty gizmos.

For owners who simply have to check in on their beloved companions, PetziConnect by Petzila presents a solution. This wall mounted device is equipped with a treat dispenser, which you may activate remotely via any mobile device or computer with an Internet connection, and this is complemented by a wireless HD camera and speaker which allow you to speak to and view your bundle of joy.

However, do be warned that the official video demonstrates the device with a pint sized Chihuahua, and it would stand to reason that a larger breed, like say, a German Sheppard would most likely rip the box off the wall in hopes of a treat bonanza. Also, while it is cited as a tool for dog owners, we see no reason why it shouldn’t work for cats.

Alternatively, there’s Petcube, which allows you to play with your pets, especially the hyperactive type that becomes the bane of neighbours due to boredom. Via an internet connection and an app, this cube as its name suggests, allows you to beam a laser dot in any direction, allowing your pet an invigorating game of chase (cats and dogs simply go nuts for laser lights).

In addition, the device measuring 4-inches also packs a 720p video camera and microphone for live feeds, and the laser light is a low-intensity type that is safe for your pet’s eyes, even if they look at it directly.




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